Volunteer as a Citizen Scientist with the Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership!

The Maryland Bird Conservation Partnership (MBCP) invites you to participate in our Citizen Science programs. We are looking for people who want to go “birding with a purpose” across Maryland for our two current projects listed below, and we want to build our database of volunteers for future monitoring programs. Training is provided for each program. All you need is an interest in birds!  

Maryland Bald Eagle Nest Monitoring Program – we need volunteers to find active Bald Eagle nests and monitoring their progress throughout the nesting period, which runs from approximately January to early July. See https://marylandbirds.org/bald-eagle-nest-monitoring/ for more details and to register as a nest monitor.


Important Bird Areas Monitoring – MBCP and Audubon Maryland-DC have partnered to develop a monitoring program for our state’s Important Bird Areas. Surveys are conducted in May and June. Volunteers will contribute data that will directly impact conservation actions and management of areas critical to some of our most vulnerable birds. For more information and to register as an IBA monitoring volunteer, see https://marylandbirds.org/iba-monitoring-project/


If you are interested in helping with future monitoring programs, which may range from coastal marshes to western mountains, please contact MBCP Director Chris Eberly at director@marylandbirds.org.