Economic Adjustment Strategy for MD’s Forest Products Sector-Full Report and Forestry & Wood Products Hub Website Available Now

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The mission of the Maryland Forestry Economic Adjustment Strategy (EAS) has been to take advantage of Maryland’s unique assets, resource diversity, and environmentally engaged consumers to build sustainable markets for Maryland’s forest product entrepreneurs. The EAS accomplishes this by focusing development efforts on a set of overarching goals that tie together the industry’s common interests, community, and public policy. We hope to continue supporting initiatives which will promote the success of Maryland’s forest products sector and sustainable forestry moving forward. Once again, we thank the U.S. Economic Development Administration, the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, the Maryland Department of Commerce, and our other funding partners for their support of this effort.

In partnership with the MD Forest Service, Western Maryland RC&D Council utilized EAS grant funds to launch and develop a MD Forestry and Wood Products Hub website which provides a permanent home and framework for the EAS, in addition to housing other related resources such as the Maryland Forest Inventory Resource Viewer, and Maryland’s Forestry Industry StoryMap.

Access the MD  Forestry and Wood Products Hub Site Here